Our Mission

At The Jewish Montessori, we understand the child’s genuine need for love, play, learning, movement and creativity. Children follow their inner learning guidance, and thrive when they can make their own choices within the healthy, safe boundaries we set for them. Here, children can learn at their own pace and explore what is in alignment with their developmental stage and sensitive periods. Teachers are looked at as learning companion: they observe and document the children’s spontaneous activities and accompany them with their loving attention and non-invasive guidance.

The Jewish Montessori creates a safe and sacred space that offer children opportunities to discover who they are and what they are capable of. We believe in the potential of every child and acknowledge the Divine spark they have within, thus promoting genuine self respect, respect towards each other and opening infinite possibilities for them. On this foundation, our school offers an amazing and comprehensive education taught with a trust that when children are presented with materials finely tuned to their emerging capacities, they will naturally become independent and self-directed learners.